Photojournalism and social justice are passions of mine. I use my photojournalism skills to spread information about social justice through the media and throughout the world. I believe photojournalism can connect people to the issues on a personal level. 

Portland's March for Science 2018

The people of Portland joined together once again in support of science.

Portland's Vigil for Stephon Clark

I grew up right outside of Sacramento. My heart aches for the family of Stephon Clark and everyone else who has felt wounds reopen with the shooting of yet another unarmed black man. Show up, show your support, and after vote. #BlackLivesMatter

Indigenous Womxn's March on Portland 2018

For the anniversary of the Women's march, Portlanders joined together in support of the womxn who have been the back bones in the community throughout history. You will notice that I have not titled or left descriptions on any of these photographs. This is intentional. As a white cisgendered woman I have a privilege that many of these people photographed do not in that I am generally welcomed and listened to wherever I go. This was an incredibly moving event, filled with strong amazing people. I want to let the images of their action and the emotions shown speak for themselves. 

Portland's #MeToo Rally

Portlanders gathered in Pioneer Square to provide a supportive space for survivors to come forward and share their stories.

Portland's Impeachment March 2018

Portlanders gathered on the one year anniversary of the 45th President's inauguration to call for his impeachment.

Pacific University's It's On Us Rally

Pacific University students joined together to call out and condemn the culture of victimization that has become prevalent in our society. After Betsy Devos repealed aspects of enforcement of Title IX that would support and protect sexual assault survivors, Pacific University students asked questions to a panel of administration officials, CPS officers, and health services professionals about the changes that would occur on the campus and what the university would do to continue protecting students and fighting rape culture.